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Your Caricature in Internet

We are updating the page, rearranging the old content and adding new ones.


On this page, only details the contents of this site, with a brief description of what can be found in each of the pages that can be accessed. We also find additional information on the controls as the background music, changing languages, etc.

The caricatures Gallery is where the caricatures made from 2001, together with other famous (and famosillos) performed in some cases earlier.

It is organized by target groups, and by each paged in order of date of completion, showing the limits when you mouse over each of the numbered buttons. We can also find a couple of links to send () caricatures by e-mail, and () to print as a postcard.

From this link you can fill out any forms to contact us to order caricatures or any other option available.

There is also a button on "Skype" contact (if you have an account and the caricaturist is available).

This page contains a brief resume of the artist, along with his business card and a selection of work (even before the existence of this page.)

Also includes graphic material as diverse video clips of TV shows or stories of some of the events where the cartoonist has participated.

The Guestbook collecting comments from visitors to this page. In him we have removed that have been made in error (without any comment, for example), and also have been done with foul language, or malicious. They are also paged and sorted by date.

There is also the form to leave comments.